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dueling mage development

Posted on April 1, 2012 at 2:15 PM

     Dueling mage, made with gamemaker, is a game ment to be simple for two players to pick up and have a short little challenge againts each other. This game uses a simple health sytem to create a time limit.  I'm not exactly sure when I officially started on the game or how long it took to complete.  I do know that gamemaker can be a little limiting on its functionality ( although, I do still need more practise), but it is also quick to get something on the screen, seeing one's progress.

     I feel this game succeded in the objective stated above.  The game took a few different shapes during the development period.  I definitely had the two player concept, with both players having simple controls, and only one "attack" button.  I wanted the attacking sytem to be more passive, so I had the idea that when activated the player could slow or stop the other player's movement. 

     Developing this game gave me good insight to how gamemaker works. I enjoy using this software, I’m able to see results very quickly as I’m working. I felt that “jolt” of excitement seeing my objects coming together and working as expected. There was a lot of trial and error during development, I hope to eliminate stuff like that, and improve my foresight.

     I made the AI character act on his own with small, simple directions. Accomplishing that opened up those feelings I mentioned earlier too, I was able to see the mage float on his own and acting out the same characteristics as the player would.

     There are some things in the game that I'd like to correct.  One being that the fire ball's sprite is 'piled' on one another when the spell action is used.  I also feel the game could be more interesting and fun.  I have had others play Dueling Mage, and they seem to enjoy themselves.  In light of that, I'd like to have more depth to the base mechanics of the game.

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