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AIUI game jam

Posted on March 30, 2012 at 11:50 AM


     On the weekend of March 23 to the 25, I participated in a game jam hosted by the Iowa student group AIUI.  Six unique games/prototyepes were developed durig this time.  I met a lot of really smart, interesting people who are passionate at what they do.  I also worked along side others, with the same passion and talent, that I've met from previous events and jams.

     A jam is a very interesting event in my opionion.  The time constraint alone can cause impresive dedication and work to be done.  Also, with an impossed theme to base a game on, new ideas can be explored in a low risk and personal environment.  I feel that jams build on one's character and skills.  I do have one Idea about jams that I think cause an issue in game development.

    I don't want to get too deep into the definition of a game, but my concern is based in exactly what a game is or can be.  With games being such a complex grouping of systems, I feel that such a short time limit doesn't allow a designer to have a player's experiance to be fleshed out fully.  I experianced this when creating my smuggling based game. 

     I was able to give players a goal, means to acheive that goal, a conflict (the guard taxing the player), end condition, and even some small feeback on progress.  Even with all those componets, I felt that there was something that still needed to be tweaked.  I think it could be just the whole presentation, I was missing a few sfx, and some more consistensy with background music and art work.

     I did learn a lot of things at this jam towards my progress in becoming a better programmer.  I feel gamemaker will continue to be a great tool to stretch my desgin legs, and be able to use the short time frame of a jam effectively.

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