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by: Beige Turner

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Dueling Mage

Click here  to download from yoyogames

Update:   blog post added as of 4/28/12

A game created using Gamemaker.  Control a mage in a gladiator style arcade game to see who can survive the round.  Play against a computer opponent or with a friend side by side.

 A blog post about my experiences developing the game will be available (after 3/22/12)

Game from game jam

Click Here  to download game from yoyogames

This game was made for a 48 hour game jam.  The theme was smuggling.  This was a great learning experiance in both using game maker and general programming idioms.

Click on the "blog" link at the top of the page for more reading on this game and the jam.

Starting a new project

Update: this ended up not happening and as of jan 2013 I'm participating in a friendly event called onegameamonth with many posts about the event coming.


I'm participating in a new project that will be entered in a competition.  I will be updating the blog section of the site.  I want to also talk about the previous team I was with, which is where I met Andy, the one who contacted me for this project.